Iceland has the most reliable fresh water Supply accourding to article in IceNews

Iceland has the most reliable fresh water supply

Posted on24 June 2010.

water-littleA new report says that Iceland has the world’s most  secure water supply. Somalia is, on the other hand, in the worst position for  fresh water supplies and other African nations Mauritania, Sudan and Niger also  suffer horribly.

Norway and New Zealand both have the second most plentiful and reliable water  supplies after Iceland.

In Sudan, only 30 percent of people have access to clean drinking water, reports.

The report was created on behalf of a prominent British consulting firm. It  concludes that global climate change and the human population explosion are both  putting increased pressure on water supplies and worldwide water use for  agriculture and industry are in as much danger as drinking water.

Drought is not only a problem in Africa, the report states. Parts of  Australia and the USA also experience severe water shortages.

70 percent of all human fresh water consumption goes to irrigation and 22  percent is used in industry.

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