Designated water bottle made of water that breaks down into nature

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“I set myself the goal of creating a water bottle made of water,” says Mr. Ari Jónsson, a student in product design at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. He has designed and prepared a bottle of gelatin, red algae and water that breaks down into nature in a few days.

The bottle is the result of a phase that Ari attended at the Art Academy, which is called the Creative Creator Process. There, Ari chose materials to work with.

“I chose gelatin and agar that is made from red algae. I studied them and tried to find the weaknesses and strengths of these subjects and how they work together. Thus, I tried to find some new angle on how to use the strengths of these materials, “says Ari.

The bottle was made so that agar is mixed with water and a gel must be dissolved. The gel is warmed and then cooled. Ari shapes the shape of the bottle before it gets inside. There will be a bottle that breaks down in a few days in the environment, as can be seen in the video below which more than five million people have watched.

“As long as the water is in it, it keeps the mold form, when the bottle is empty, it begins to break down and it will happen in a few days,” says Ari.

 Working on to bring the bottle to production

In fact, the bottle is also useful, as it is made of natural materials. Ari introduced the bottle to an event around the so called the month Mars of Design in Iceland and has attracted considerable attention outside of the landmarks. It is discussed in many media abroad. See the link:

Ari says that the bottle can be a definite match for the enormous plastic use of the mankind, but it may be expected that by 2050 more plastic will be in the sea than fish. Ari has the idea of putting the bottle in production, and the domestic company has shown the project interest.” There is something in the cards, but it’s at an absolute start.” Says Ari. “It depends a bit because I find solutions to a number of problems with this,” but Ari, among other things, was finding a method for putting a cap on the bottle.

The breaking down of the plastic bottle

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