Water Quality

Icelandic Water is an Award Winning Water

We get our water from Orkuveita Reykjavíkur (www.or.is ) which is a certified water supply company and operates in conformity with international standards.


Orkuveita Reykjavíkur is a certified company and operates in conformity with international standards.

ISO 9001 – International Standard for Quality Management systems. Orkuveita Reykjavíkur has implemented a Quality Management system in all aspects of the Company’s operations.  The Company’s Quality Management system has been certified and is audited twice a year by those responsible for carrying out the audition.

ISO 14001 – International Standard for Environmental Management Systems. In accordance with the certification all of the Company’s operations meet environmental standards.  The system is audited by the certification authorities twice a year.

OHSAS 18001 – An international occupational health and safety management system specification. The system applies to all aspects of maintaining safety and health in the work environment. The system is audited twice a year.

HACCP/GÁMES – Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points, an International Food and Safety Monitoring System. Orkuveita Reykjavíkur is the largest food producer in Iceland as the Company’s production of potable water is defined as food production. The system is certified by the Public Health Service of each municipality concerned. Orkuveita Reykjavikur was the first waterworks in the world to implement and obtain a certified HACCP system for waterworks.

ISO 27001 – Information security management system implemented for all operations within Orkuveita Reykjavikur. Assessed by BSI each year.



Acqua Nordica ehf collaborate with the Reykjavik´s supply water company Orkuveita Reykjavíkur -OR (www.or.is). They supply us the best water in the world. Acqua Nordica ehf  water is collected from reservoirs outside of Reykjavík. OR was the first water work in the Nordic countries to obtain certification according to ISO 9001 quality standard. Certification is an important for domestic food firms.

Icelandic spring and glacial water flows into the ocean at the astounding rate of 100’s of billions of liters per year. Icelandic water is naturally filtered by ancient lava fields. The purest, most natural water known to man, it was “frozen in time” 20,000 years ago, before man made pollution, away from the industrialized world. Notably, it is in stark contrast to the waters used in other water beverages; typically tap water or water from other sub-standard sources, Icelandic water requires no treatment. Other beverages have to contend with water sources that that require extensive reverse osmosis, ozonation, filtration and cleansing.

The few water brands that claim to use crystal clear water as a fundamental raw material, do not obtain their water from Iceland (the purest natural environment in the world).

Iceland and its reputation as an environmentally flawless region provide Icelandic waterwith a credible, matchless and superior positioning statement for ease of entry into the North American market and Europe. Iceland justifiably conveys a clean, unspoiled arctic utopia situated on the edge of the world.

Most consumers associate the Island as a natural, unpolluted environment separated from “the rest of the world”. Acqua Nordica ehf  is bringing Iceland to the world by the bottle. The Acqua Nordica ehf water source is untouched by urbanization and industrialization. As such, Acqua Nordica ehf water will immediately evoke water credibly and purity originating from an environmentally and organic unspoiled era over 20,000 years ago. Iceland Crystal water, bottled by Acqua Nordica , immediately connotes “glaciers”, “glacial” and “ice”. In the context of the sophisticated North American urban target market, our water will have an immediate and authentic promise of purity, clarity and superior refreshment when compared to the questionable purity of existing water branches.

Our brand is as unique as the Icelandic geography and culture. Pristine water from a majestic snow mountain surrounded by myths, legends and stories of supernatural healing capabilities add an enviable emotional attraction to an image-conscious target market.

Water. Iceland’s water is some of the purest in the world. Clean air, regular precipitation and the natural filtration of volcanic rock lend themselves to a steady reserve of pristine water. Whether you’re in Iceland or at home, there are so many ways to experience Icelandic water.

Icelandic Lava. Filtering the spirit with Icelandic Lava is unique solution in the world of distilling business.

Icelandic Water as a Drink. By far the best drink in Iceland is our water— you get the same pure taste from the tap as out of a fresh mountain stream. Thanks to Acqua Nordica ehf , our deliciously clean drinking water can be available throughout North America.

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Glacially Inspired. Acqua Nordica ehf  is proud of its green credentials and is clear that the water is in no way connected or fed from actual melted or melting glaciers. The ‘Glacier’ in the Acqua Nordica ehf brand name is derived from landscapes and scenery that are automatically conjured when one thinks of Iceland, and is also a reference to the peak design of the Acqua Nordica ehf bottle, rather than the source of its contents.

A Self Replenishing Resource. Certifiably sustainable resource. Naturally occurring pure drinking water is a precious commodity in most countries and water bottling companies are sometimes criticized for draining aquifers and groundwater reserves to the detriment of local communities. Acqua Nordica ehf is particularly mindful of this fact, and its extraction operations account for a minor percentage of the OR water daily outflow to the ocean, which is more than double the world’s bottled water consumption.

Some Facts:

The nation, is famous for high quality products,such geothermal technology and fresh seafood and last but not least, pure water. Every were you go around the country side of Iceland, you can go to nearest tap and drink the water from it and be delighted about it. Foreign tourists some  time doesn´t realized it as they are so just to drink bottled water. Therefore they go to the nearest super market and try to purchase it and often fail as the it is not available. We do not need to drink bottled water but unfortunately the rest of the world does. Therefore we offer our quality water to the global market.


High quality water with Tds 48.

Ph value water of 8,88.



 Balance Still
 Minerality Super low
 Orientation Hint of sweet
 Hardness Slightly hard
 Carbonation Class A


Each year, samples are taken by Health authorities in Reykjavik from the water Work of Reykjavik (OR) to check the quality of the water and search for any impurity. Samples are send for microbial analysis and determined the number of samples of the drinking water regulation number: 536/2001. There are also sampled for total chemical analysis.

The chemical composition of drinking water in Reykjavik is as following:

Hardness of water

Hardness of water is the amount of calcium and magnesium in the water and is measured in unit of German hardness (° 1dH). The formula is as follows:

The 1dH = (Ca (mg / l) x2, 497 + Mg (mg / l) x4, 116) / 17.9


The scale is roughly as follows:

0-4 ° dh = very soft

4-8 ° dh = soft

8-12 ° dh = only hard

12-18 ° dh = pretty hard

18-30 ° dh = hard

> 30 ° dh = very hard

Icelandic water is less than 2, and in the Reykjavik area it is 0.2 to 0.60 ° dh or particularly soft. You need for example no fabric softeners or lime treatment or salt in washing / dishwasher in Iceland. So pure is our water.

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